ASDF - A Simple DVD Frontend for MPlayer

ASDF is a simple graphical frontend for playing DVDs with MPlayer. It's written in Perl using the Qt toolkit. NOTE: This application does not require KDE, just Qt.

If you encounter any problems, or have any suggestions, please let me know through the project's bug-tracker.


ASDF in action


The latest version is available now for download from the Sourceforge project page

Getting Started:



tar -xjvf asdf-0.4.tar.bz2
cd asdf-0.4/
perl Makefile.PL
su -c 'make install' root

Of course you can still use it without installing:

tar -xjvf asdf-0.4.tar.bz2
cd asdf-0.4/
perl -I. asdf

Using it:

Just type asdf at the command line, and hit return. Things should happen. Hopefully the interface is clear and easy to use (it even has tooltips for the less intuitive options); if not, let me know. Logo This project is kindly hosted by Sourceforge.


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